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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Starting School Comparative Study

Our first major topic focus has been ‘Starting School’. We have been learning all about the school routines and rules, and we have spoken to all the adults who will be helping us. We have also taken part in a linked comparative study, contrasting our school with schools in Ghana. Mrs Coyle visited Ghana during the summer with her Girl Guides. We have learned about school life, home life, language and flags in another country. We even tasted some traditional Ghanian food - rice with peppers and mango!


Outdoor Learning

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shape during our maths times recently. We went outside to find shapes in our local environment. With our maths partners, we recorded shapes spotted with tally marks.

Health Month - Relaxation

This month's Health theme is Relaxation. Primary 1a has been learning about different ways of relaxing and keeping calm. We joined our friends from rooms 2 and 3 for a lovely massage session with Mrs Gray  in our breakout space.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Active Learning

As part of our Maths and Language programmes, we have lots of skills reinforcement (active learning) activities. We enjoy lots of different things from using the computers and the Smart-board, to using multi-link and playing matching and bingo games. Dominoes, board games, whiteboards, number tracks, Beebots, books and jigsaws are just some of the other resources we use!

Sometimes we work on our own, with a partner or in a group with Mrs Wallace. These tasks and games help us to reinforce and consolidate our learning.

Room 1 is very lucky to have a learning tent and comfy library inside the class. We also have a water tray and sand tray just outside our class in our fantastic breakout space. Active learning is a great chance for us to work with different people in the class. Mrs Wallace says we work very well at active learning times!

Homework Bags

Primary 1a were given their homework bags for the first time last week! We were all so excited to be getting homework just like the big boys and girls!

Inside our homework bags we all have:
Homework diaries (these tell the adults at home what to do just incase we forget!)
Reading books Word boxes
ORT word cards (in diary)
Jolly Phonics sounds cards (in diary)
Maths worksheets/ topic activities
Name cards
Large triangular pencil
Parents information booklets  

Mrs Wallace says we must try to remember our homework bags (with everything inside) everyday, because we sometimes use the materials in class. We will work with our ORT word cards, reading books, sounds and word boxes each week with Mrs Wallace. It is very important that we try not to lose any of the contents of our homework bags.

Primary 7 Buddies!

Primary 1 have been helped to settle into school routines by their Primary 7 buddies. We have enjoyed getting to know our buddies - the older children visited our class to read a story and they have also been playing games with us in the playground and at Goldentime.

Primary 7 even took us on a tour of the whole school in our first week! When we went to the dinner hall as a class on our first full day our buddies gave some friendly reassurance and help when needed.

We are so grateful that they have taken time out of their busy days to help us!