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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Disco

Children in Room 1 looked fantastic at our school's recent Halloween disco! Mrs Wallace had trouble recognising some of us at the start of the night! We had lots of fun dancing and playing games, and had some lovely food at snack time. It was very exciting in the disco - dark with flashing lights (the photos of our class in the disco are a little bit fuzzy!).

Science Walk - videos we recorded!!

Our class used small video cameras to record our findings outside. We filmed our friends talking by positioning the camera correctly, pressing the record button (we knew it was recording because of the red light). Mrs Wallace helped us to load the films onto the class laptop.We can't put all of our videos up on our blog, but here is a small selection...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Science Walk

We have been learning about Electricity. Mrs Wallace has told us about the dangers of electricity and how electricity can be made. Room 1 has taken part in cooperative challenges to help us investigate what appliances use this form of energy, and whether they use battery or mains electricity. We have also discussed the 'path of electricity' - how the energy gets from the power station to our homes. Primary 1a went outside, and using binoculars we tried to find as many uses of electrical power as possible. We had to speak to our team about whether it was mains or battery, and find out where the power was connected. Some of our class spotted the danger signs the electricity companies use around pylons and substations. Room 1 made good use of digital cameras to record their learning. We took pictures and filmed videos of our findings. Look at our pictures - all taken by the boys and girls in room 1!! Wow!!

End of Term Reward

Our class recently got the chance to attend our school's End of Term Reward! Everybody in room 1 was able to attend! We all went to the gym hall for the visit of 'The Animal Man'. We got the chance to learn about and touch lots of interesting animals and birds! Snakes, cockroaches, a chicken, a duck, a rabbit, a guinea pig, toads, frogs, mice, rats, a tortoise, a bearded dragon lizard and a gecko! Look at our fantastic photos!!! What a morning!!