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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Living Things

Primary 1a are very excited! A very special visitor came to our class this week - Lucy Ladybird!! She flew into our breakout space to deliver a letter! She has been watching us learn about the signs of Spring, and she knows how interested we are in insects and plants. Lucy is going to help us learn during our new topic - Living Things. We cannot wait to get started! Mrs Wallace has helped us to set up new cooperative learning hometeams in class - our new groups are called the Beautiful Butterflies, Lovely Ladybirds and Fancy Ants. Miss Arthurs helped us to create our learning plan!

End of Term Reward

At the end of term 3, all the boys and girls in room 1 got to go our school's rend of term reward. Mrs Wallace was very proud that each member of the class earned the chance to go! We had lots of fun at the magic show and disco!!