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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Starling Learning Visit

Rangers from Starling Learning visited our school recently. Primary 1a went outside to look for signs of seasonal change. We explored our school grounds, and found changes in the trees and plants because it is now Autumn. Although it was raining, we had lots of fun!

Information Handling

We are beginning to learn about different ways of collecting, organising, displaying and interpreting information. Graphs are a super way of comparing amounts quickly. We went outside recently, and used our bodies to create huge charts in the playground. Our class made graphs to show hair colour, eye colour, what hand we write with, who has siblings and favourite fruits. We could easily answer questions such as ‘most popular’, ‘least popular’ ‘most common’, ‘least common’, 'how many more' and 'how many altogether'.

3D Robots!

As part of our learning in maths, primary 1a made robots with our primary 7 buddies. We collected and recycled household containers, sorted them into 3D shapes and used scissors to cut out 2D shapes. Our robots look fantastic don't they?!