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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eco Day Litter Pick

This Thursday was a special day for Kirklandneuk Primary School - it was our school's Eco Day! To help our local community, all the boys and girls were involved in a litter pick. The older children helped to tidy up the local area around the school, primary 1 helped with a litter pick in the school grounds. The local wardens came to speak to us about how to clear litter safely. Room 1 also had a recycling talk from council representatives.


As part of our Living Things topic, primary 1a are learning all about caterpillars. Colin the Caterpillar sent some friends of his for our class to look after. Mrs Wallace and Miss Arthurs have been telling us about the life cycle of butterflies, caterpillar camouflage and butterfly habitats. We will be measuring our caterpillars and making notes on how they grow. All the boys and girls can't wait to see how our caterpillars look as butterflies! It is so exciting!!

Living Things Topic

Miss Arthurs looked at our learning plan and was able to see how interested we were in spiders! Suzy Spider came to visit! She told us all about the parts of a spider's body and how it spins its web. We also found out about where a spider might live - what habitat a spider likes! Room 1 went on a spider hunt outside and made a class web!