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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quality Work!

This term, primary 1a are doing their best to write their numbers and letters correctly. Miss McCabe is very proud of us! We are trying hard to hold our pencil correctly, form our numbers and letters in the right way and use finger spaces.

Look at the pictures of our fantastic work in our jotters!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Class Charter

This term, primary 1 has been learning about Rights and Responsibilities. Miss McCabe and Mrs Coyle have been helping us to find out about the rights of the child and the UN Conventions of the Right of the Child. We now know that to have our rights we also have responsibilities.

We have created a class charter in Room 1. Our new Class Charter helps us remember our rights and responsibilities. We used our Golden Rules and Qualities to help us. This will allow us to contribute to achieving Rights Respecting Schools award.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Primary 1a were given their homework bags for the first time this week! We were all so excited to be getting homework just like the big boys and girls!

Inside our homework bags we have:
*Homework diaries (these tell us what to do incase we forget!)
*Reading books with parent stories
*Word boxes
*ORT word cards
*Jolly Phonics sounds cards
*Pairs games
*Maths worksheets
*Name cards
*Parents information booklets

Miss McCabe says we must try to remember our homework bags (with everything inside) everyday, because we sometimes use the materials in class. We will work with our ORT word cards, reading books, sounds and word boxes each week with Miss McCabe.

Primary 1 Buddies

Primary 1 has been helped to settle into school routines by their primary 7 buddies. We have enjoyed getting to know our buddies - the older children visited our class to read a story and they have also been playing games with us in the playground. When we went to the dinner hall for the first time our buddies gave some friendly reassurance and help when needed.

We are so grateful that they have taken time out of their busy days to help us.

Cooperative Team Challenge

Miss McCabe set each group in our class a Cooperative Work Challenge recently. We had to work in our groups to create a poster that would let any visitors to our class know what our group names are. It was quite difficult for us at first, but with a little help from Miss McCabe we were able to plan and create our posters. Some of our groups decided easily on our names, other groups had to vote! Room 1 now has 4 teams – The Red Fire Engines, The Blue Smarties, The Green Apples and The Yellow Suns!

Everyone had to listen and cooperate. We had a time keeper, a materials manager, an encourager and an air traffic controller at each group to make sure we were kept on task. Miss McCabe was impressed at our quiet voices and helping hands!

As well as designing the poster with each group name, Primary 1 also made promise hands. We succeeded in our challenge - Miss McCabe has put our posters up in class for everyone to see!

Active Learning in Room 1

As part of our Maths and Language programmes, we have lots of active learning activities. We enjoy lots of different things from using the computers and the Smart-board to using multilink and playing matching and bingo games

Room 1 is very lucky to have a learning tent and comfy library. We also have a water tray and sand tray outside.

Active learning is a great chance for us to work with different people in the class. Miss McCabe says we work very well at active learning times!

Settling into School Life

Primary 1a has settled well into school life. We are all working hard and enjoying being in room 1! In our first week, we decided that we should have a set of rules for our class. This is to make sure it is a happy and safe place to learn each day. We want to be able to work and play happily together.

As well as thinking about how we work inside the class, room 1 also thought about how we would behave outside the classroom. With Miss McCabe's help we chose our own 'quality indicators' to remind ourselves what our work-times, listening times and lines should be like. Everyone who visits our class comments on how good we are at listening, working quietly and playing together co-operatively!

We have also been talking about the rights and responsibilities we have as children. Although this has been quite hard for us to think about, Miss McCabe says we are doing very well – our class has been able to think about ideas for our own class charter to go alongside our ‘qualities’.

Each week, a very special member of our class gets to visit somewhere exciting! Murphy the Monkey watches all week to see who has been working hard and trying their very best. He chooses who he would like to go home with for the weekend. Primary 1a has looked at his photo diaries from previous years - we loved hearing about his adventures with other children! We are all hoping Murphy will come home with us soon!