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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Calderglen trip

Despite the wet weather we enjoyed our visit to Calderglen Country Park.

We got to see lots of plants from the rainforest, some stick insects, fish and marmosets.

After lunch we went outside to see all the animals.

We liked them all, especially the birds.

Beautiful Butterflies

We have been looking at measure in maths and thought that measuring our caterpillars would be a good opportunity to practise our skills.

We worked with a partner to give our caterpillar a name then measure how long it was in centimetres. It was tricky because some of them were wriggling and were not very straight. Most measured about 4 centimetres.When they were in the chrysalis stage they had to be moved to the butterfly net.

We wrote about them in our caterpillar diaries, recording the different stages of the lifecycle.

When they emerged from the chrysalis they were very pretty but their wings were still a bit wet. We put some flowers, fruit and sugar water into the net for them.

We tried to describe what they looked like.

We released our butterfies in Robertson Park.
Some of us got to touch them as we tried to encourage them out of the net.

We will miss them in our classroom but will look out for them in the park.