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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kirklandneuk Airport

Room 1 have been thinking about what it means to have a Nationality and Identity. Li Fen has told us a lot about China - we have been able to draw comparisons with Scotland. We have all made our very own passports, complete with fingerprints for identification! Our 'airport' allows us to explore and practice skills in a real life context. Writing skills for tickets and boarding passes at check in, booking forms at the travel agents. Maths skills - times of flights, prices of holidays, working with money - counting Euro coins and Sterling at the Bureau de Change. We can weigh and measure our luggage. We can talk about different destinations whilst looking at brochures, maps and globes. Primary 1 even have a comfy departure lounge to use! We absolutely love learning at our airport!!!


Mahkena has told us all about her life in Kenya, Africa. Room 1 has looked at the complex journey of a banana from abroad - how it gets from where it is grown to our supermarket shelves. After she told us it was her favourite food and she would like to eat it in a new way, we decided to make banana sandwiches. Making our sandwiches helped us practice our spreading, chopping and cutting skills. We used this experience to try our hand at procedural writing - instructions for 'How to Make a Healthy Sandwich'.

Our Rights - Needs and Wants

Our new friend Mark has been helping us to learn about the Rights of the Child. We have looked at pictures (from the charity UNICEF) and discussed how lives of children differ depending on where they stay and how they are looked after. With rooms 2 and 4, we played 'musical needs and wants' to help us understand our needs - what every child should have to grow up safely and well. Each time the music stopped, our classes had to make sure our 'needs' - food, water, shelter, education, healthcare had a place within our list of items. To do this we had to decide what 'wants' we could do without.

Winter Artwork

Room 1 worked with hot and cold colours to create pictures of winter trees! Don't they look fabulous?!

New Classmates!!

We were delighted to welcome some new pupils to our class recently! Mark, Li Fen and Makhena have become firm friends of ours! They have been helping us learn about our rights and responsibilities. We have enjoyed listening to their stories from around the world. We can't wait to showcase our learning at our upcoming 'Parents Healthy Breakfast' and 'Open Evening'.