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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gladigator Visit

Primary 1a really enjoyed Gladigator's visit to the school. We learned even more about how to keep our teeth healthy and clean. We told him what we do to brush our teeth in school every day.

Gladigator was so impressed with the things we knew, he set up his inflatable run for us to play on - we had a great time!! Miss McCabe was even judging our dancing as we waited in the line!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Term 3 Special Topic.....

Room 1 has been learning all about the 'Journey of a Letter'. We have watched clips on the internet, tried some letter writing, addressed envelopes and set up a post office in our breakout space. We are having so much fun! Miss McCabe was very impressed with our letter writing!

In our cooperative trios, we had a sequencing challenge to complete. The members of our trios had to cut out pictures, sequence them and talk about the journey step on each picture - all against the timer! Zak, Bryan and Robyn did extremely well to be the first team to finish!

What made us set up a post office????

Term 3 Special Topic.....

Rooms 1, 2 and 3 are busy working on a very special topic this term. We are so excited about unveiling all our hard work at a special open evening in March!

As part of our term 3 topic, Primary 1a has been learning about and tasting some Scottish foods. Mrs Gray helped us to spread butter on traditional Scottish oatcakes - we had them with Scottish Cheddar on top! Yum!

Why are we tasting Scottish foods????