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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Visit to Trinity Church

As part of our learning for our R.M.E. topic 'Welcoming a Baby in Christianity', Primary 1 visited Trinity Church in Renfrew. Mr Steele was very kind, not only did he invite us into the church - he also spoke to us about what happens when a baby is welcomed into our local church. We learned all about a Baptism ceremony, and how important it is within the church community. Mr Steele also pointed out special items within the church such as the Pulpit, Lectern, Baptismal Font and Communion Table. We sat on pews, looked at stained glass windows and had a chance to go upstairs to the balcony and gallery. We took Murphy along with us - he was learning too!

3D Shape Hunt!

Room 1 went outside to find 3D shapes in the environment. We discussed their uses and construction. During the class shape hunt, we used small video cameras to record our findings outside. We filmed our friends talking by positioning the camera correctly and pressing the record button for the length of time needed (we knew it was recording because of the red light). Mrs Wallace showed us how to load the films onto the class laptop. We can't put all of our videos up on our blog, but here is a small selection...