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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome to Primary 1a

Primary 1a have settled happily into life at Kirklandneuk primary. It has been a very busy first few weeks with so many new things to see and do. We have been having lots of fun learning about our Jolly Phonic sounds, counting and writing our numbers and making lots of new friends too! We have really enjoyed spending time getting to know our primary 7 buddies.

They visited us in class to read us stories and have a wee chat.
We showed them the sounds and numbers that we have been learning.
They even helped us when we practiced writing our names.
We always look forward to seeing them!
Our buddies were a great help on our first visit to the dinner hall.

They helped us to keep calm and showed us where to sit. They helped us to collect everything that we needed. Our buddies are very sensible and also very friendly.

It was really nice to sit together to eat our lunches.

As well as our numbers and letters, in class we have been learning about how we should behave and deciding what makes a quality line, quality worktime and a quality audience.

When we line up we can be a quality line. We know to face the front, looking where we are going. We can keep our hands at our sides so that we don't bump others and we can be very quiet like little mice. We think that this is really important when we are walking through the school because we don't need to distract other people from what they are doing and it keeps us safe because we can hear what Mrs Ayres says.

In the classroom we have quality work time. We work quietly so that we can think carefully about what we are doing.

When we are really quiet, the quiet working bears will come and sit on our table.

They remind us to work without chatting because their ears get sore if it is noisy and then they feel sad and have to go away.

We do our best work when we have quality worktime.