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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Sunday, March 27, 2011

In The Jungle ~ Our Classroom

Just in case anybody missed our open evening, here are a few pictures of our classroom jungle. We worked really hard on our jungle. In these pictures you can see examples of our annotated maps and some extended writing. It took a few days to write our stories but we think they are really good. You can see our little gibbon, Gabu hanging in the canopy. He went home with a different child each night. The boys and girls were very good at giving an oral report of what Gabu had been doing when they brought him back.
Our Orangutan wall makes a lovely display for our writing about orangutans.

We had to work together to paint our orangutan but then thought he would be even better if we used wool to make him feel nice and soft. He looks good too.

Underneath the orangutan a few of our annotated diagrams of tigers are prowling. We found tigers very interesting and even wrote poems about them.

We liked using paper mache to build our peacock, then painted him. Some of his feathers are real.

Our panda gave us lots of inspiration to write the descriptive sentences which are displayed around him.

Our tree of excellence was made up of bananas that described the ways we have shown ourselves to be confident individuals, responsible citizens, effective contributors and successful learners. We discussed our learning each week before writing our bananas. We hope that you enjoy looking at our jungle as much as we have enjoyed working on it and learning about the endangered animals. We would be very interested to hear what you think. You can let us know by leaving a comment, thank you.

In The Jungle ~ Open Evening

We were very excited about our open evening and couldn't wait to show our guests around our jungle that we built for Gabu. We had lots of activities for our guests to try out. Some were even brave enough to try the blind fruit tasting - the fruits were banana, pinapple, melon and mango.

We played our board games as one of our activities. They worked really well.

We showed our guests how to make tiger sums.

We really liked being able to show off all of our hard work.

The animal mask making activity was very popular.

There were quite a few tigers leaving the classroom before the evening was over!

We had to show our favourite activity on a graph. The mask making was the most popular.

Thank you so much to everyone who came making it such a memorable evening for the children.

In The Jungle ~ buddies visit

We have really enjoyed learning about the jungle and the animals that live there.We were very excited this week because we had completed our jungle for Gabu. We invited some very important people to come and see all of our fabulous work - our families!
Before our guests arrived, our Primary 7 buddies came to try out all of our activities and to look at our jungle.
We enjoyed playing the board games that we had made.

We loved our guess the animal game - our buddies were very good at this.

They had to follow our activity sheet just like our families would.

They tested our jigsaws and read through our stories.

We enjoyed showing them our work and telling them all about Gabu. They seemed to enjoy the visit too!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Special topic

As part of our special topic we have had lots of opportunities to work together on large art projects.
We are looking forward to showing them off at our open night but we don't want to let you see too much just now.
It would spoil the surprise.
We have worked really well together and we are all pleasedwith how our classroom is looking.