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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Toys Topic

Santa sent a letter to Room 1 recently - he needed a little help to fix a mistake his Elves had made. We had to sort toys that had been mixed up. In order to help, we had to learn all about toys from different times, and what materials toys were made from. We used these things to determine criteria for sorting. Working in our cooperative home-teams, we decided on how we would display the toys for Santa, who would take on each job role and how we would check our results. Mrs Wallace said we did really well to achieve our given Success Criteria!


Room 1 had a very special visitor recently. A friend of Murphy - Pierre, came all the way from Paris to visit our class. He had a problem speaking to Murphy properly because Murphy doesn't know any French words! With Mrs Wallace's help, we are learning some French words and phrases. Our class can say 'Hello' and 'My name is...' is French. We have also learned the words for some colours and fruit, and are practising how to count to 10. At Check In times, we ask each other how we are feeling in French so that Pierre can understand! We have even changed our cooperative home-team names to Rose, Violet and Rouge! Pierre has also been telling us all about France. He told us about what food he likes to eat. We watched a film about how to get there on a train through the Channel Tunnel. People in France use Euros instead of pennies, and you need to have an important document called a Passport to be allowed into France. Pierre's mum has even sent our class a post card all the way from Antibes. Mrs Wallace has shown us pictures of important French landmarks. During one of our times in the ICT suite, we used a drawing programme to create a French flag. We used the shape, paint and fill tools to help us. John and Olivia's flags are shown below!