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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Friday, May 7, 2010

Topic in term 4 - Living Things

Our new topic this term is Living Things. Mr Higgins has been helping us to learn about lots of exciting mini-beasts, insects and plants. We made a learning plan at the start of term to decide what we would learn about.
Primary 1a are looking after caterpillars in class - we hope that if we look after them carefully they will grow into butterflies. In groups, we are investigating how broad beans grow - again we hope that if we take care of them properly the plants will grow tall and strong.
Look at the pictures below of our fantastic mini-beast hunt with room 2. Our class had lots of fun!

Dance in term 4

Term 4 has started and already primary 1a is busy trying out new things! We have been working hard in the gym hall doing creative dance.
Mr Higgins has been teaching us all about living things and mini-beasts. We have been able to retell the life cycles of butterflies, frogs and bees through dance. Look at the pictures - Mr Higgins and Miss McCabe have been very impressed with our imaginative movements!