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Room 1 Kirklandneuk

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cooperative Work Group Challenge

Miss McCabe set each group in our class a Cooperative Work Challenge recently. We had to work in our groups to create a poster that would let any visitors to our class know what our group names are.
It was quite difficult for us at first, but with a little help from Miss McCabe we were able to plan and create our posters. Everyone had to listen and cooperate. We had a time keeper, a materials manager, an encourager and an aire traffic controller at each group to make sure we were kept on task. Miss McCabe was impressed at our quiet voices and helping hands!
As well as designing the poster with each group name, primary 1 also made glittery name hands.
We succeeded in our challenge - Miss McCabe has attached our posters to ribbon so that they can hang from the ceiling. Don't they look fantastic?!


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